125th Anniversary

Please click on the images below to view invitation pages #1 and #2, as well as items for sale.

The plates are in!   $12/each (plate stand & gift box included)

The mugs will arrive June 4th!  $5/each (see “proof” photo above)

The Christmas Ornaments have arrived!  $15/each (includes brass easel & comes in a gift box)

History books are now available!  $12/each



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3 Responses to 125th Anniversary

  1. Andrew M Johnson says:

    I wish to order 3 commemorative plates, 7 cook books and 2 anniversary mugs.
    Please accept this order and tell me how to pay or:
    refer me to the right email address for ordering.

    I have already written that I will attend the anniversary luncheon.

    Many Thanks from a great great grandson of Peter Christian Johnson, one of the founders.

  2. Carol (Solomonson) Rodman says:

    My brother Maynard Solomonson and sister Joan (Solomonson) Tibodeau were all baptized at Amo in the 40′s. Joan passed away in 1981 but Maynard and I plan to be there. What are the times for the anniversary activities?? I’m trying to make the most of my time in SW MN. Looking forward to it!

  3. Nancy Tjentland says:

    This past weekend was so enjoyable!! The weather was perfect – plenty warm but with a wonderful welcome breeze. Visiting in the tent was such a hit. Thanks to everyone for coming; I was thrilled to see so many people that I hadn’t seen for some time. We are still talking about it – lingering in the grocery store, visiting about the renewed acquaintances, etc. I appreciated being able to put a face on Pastor Hendrickson and also Mrs. Silrum. Again, thanks to everyone for making the effort to attend this family reunion.

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