Welcome – Celebrating 126 years!

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  1. Arlis Johnson Christenson says:

    We plan to come to the anniversary. It seems fitting as we were there for the 1ooth & our 25th wedding anniversary & will now have our 50th. We were married at Amo 6/16/62.
    It would be helpful to have the date & time of the celebration on the home page. I will pass it on to my relatives. Thanks for the wonderful information. May all who attend have a blessed day.

  2. Dana Kuehl says:

    Just wanted to let you know that I sent out the 125th Anniversary invitations on Monday, April 30th. I did send one to you as well.
    If you have any questions, please let us know.
    The 125th Celebration is June 24th, 2012, we will also have an open house on Saturday June 23rd.

  3. Nancy Tjentland says:

    Welcome to Amo’s celebration on Saturday and Sunday! We understand there will be about 160 of us attending!! It’s not too late to decide to put in an appearance, either Saturday in the afternoon just remembering all the old times and catching up on the current events in your lives, or Sunday for the celebration service. We’re looking forward to a fun weekend.

  4. Mindy Tobin says:

    Hi ALC,

    I am hoping and praying for the opportunity to visit someday! My Grandmother Gladys and her family attended this church. Her father was Gunder Martinson and her mother was Hattie Thompson Martinson, Gramma Hattie’s parents were Andrew J and Malinda Thompson. I am trying to find out ALL I can about my family tree with the little information that I have. I’d love to connect with any of my family who might still attend or live in the area. I want to learn as much as I can about my Norwegian heritage!


    Mindy Tobin

    • Eric Nerness says:

      Mindy –

      Your Great Grandmother Hattie’s parents were Andrew J. Thompson, born in July 1862 in Norway, died September 4, 1921; and Malinde Solomonson Thompson, born January 15, 1864 in Norway, died January 21, 1950.

      Malinde’s parents were Soloman Soloman (probably not correct) born in 1840 in Norway, and Hattey Soloman (maiden name unknown) born in 1834 in Norway.

      Your Great Grandmother Hattie was one of seven children born to Andrew and Malinde, her siblings were (names and dates to the best of my knowledge):

      Carrie Thompson Berntson (b. 10/16/1887, d. 10/10/1979)
      Andrew T. “Toby” Thompson (b. 02/04/1889, d. 11/23/1960)
      Jens A. Thompson (b. 10/29/1896, d. 01/05/1960)
      Julia B C Thompson Olson (b. 10/27/1900, d. 03/22/1984)
      Emma Mabel Sofie Thompson Nerness (b. 02/13/1903, d. 05/24/1986)
      Agnes Christine Thompson Bakke (b. 06/12/1905, d. 08/24/1989)

      Hope this helps you get started on your Journey — Glaedelig Jul!

  5. Elizabeth Richardson says:

    Some of my family and I visited the cemetery on Saturday August 6th while in Minnesota for a family reunion. We were unable to locate the grave of my great great grandmother Anna Olsdotter Brathum who was born May 17, 1819 in Norway and died October 25, 1897. Many of our are buried there and family records indicate she was buried there as well.

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